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Website Updates

Hey SuBe Fans

Benjy Did It! The Website

Benjy Did It! The Message Board

New Sections

We've got two new pages "What I've learnt from Sunset Beach" and "How to tell you are Addicted to Sunset Beach" Both terrifying in their own way, but ultimately satisfying.

Top Trump and Playing Cards

Last month saw Chase (Benjy Evans) Parker's 11th Birthday and so to celebrate this momentous occassion we have put "presents" on the site in the form of the final pack of Sunset Beach Top Trumps and even more exciting Sunset Beach Playing Cards (there's a Sneak Peak of these attached to this email).

Chase Parker - Video Clips

As I mentioned before it was Chase Parker's birthday recently on the site you can now find a biography for the young actor and thanks to our friends at we now have a gallery dedicated to the young chap and even some video clips of Benjy in action.

Clive Robertson for James Bond

With daily conflicting reports about who is set to become the Next JAmes Bond we feel Clive is still in with a chance and 99 of you agree, it would be great to see the number of signees increase to over 100 so if you haven't signed the petition yet now the time to do it:

Message Board

We have now made The Show section of the Message Board Members Only, so please join up and log in to read and post Messages, all other areas are still availiable for fans to post and read without becoming a member.

General Site Updates

We have of course updated much of Benjy Did It! including a new Gallery of Screen Grabs all the drinking games have new rules, there's more What Would Annie Do? and Quotes

Sunset Beach TV schedule

Channel 5 in the UK are now showing Sunset Beach twice a week, in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning.
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